What Will We Build Together?

I write code to streamline business operations to make your team more productive and your customers happier.

Small Business Systems

Accept Payments

Get help accepting online or onsite payments, and integrate those payments into the rest of your systems. Automatically begin order fulfillment, streamline reconciliation, and integrate customers into relationship management systems to build long lasting relationships.

Streamline Workflow

Small businesses use a variety of tools to get things done, and often just a little bit of code can go a long way to streamlining your team’s efforts.

Large IT Teams

Deploy Changes Faster

Risky deployments and long queued changes are two of the easiest targets for reducing friction in large IT teams. Together, we can map the flow of change from idea through implementation to deployment, separating value from waste, and identifying areas for increased collaboration and machine automation.

Put differently: we can build development workflow and pipelines for continuous integration and continuous delivery that enable your engineers to focus most of their attention on customer problems rather than IT or bureaucracy problems.

Migrate Operations to the Cloud

The days of private physical infrastructure are numbered for most organizations running public facing services. Owning physical gear is an inflexible investment that doesn’t actually bring value to customers.

I can help your organization navigate the migration of services from private on-premise infrastructure to public cloud services and implement processes that will improve reliability and security along the way.

Surface the Metrics that Matter

Augment your traditional monitoring technology with a live-data metrics driven approach to service health. We can inject counters and collectors into your applications and establish baseline performance metrics so that service faults are more than just a gut feeling.

Build Your Team’s Skills

I want to help your team succeed beyond our engagement, and that means documenting our efforts and training your team if skill gaps exist.

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